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Welcome to Affordable Software. We are your only source for affordable custom software solutions. With affordable software you are able to interact directly with the engineers and architects who will design and develop software for you. By eliminating nonessential overhead we are able to efficiently deliver perfectly tailored products for your needs far cheaper than our competitors.

Our engineering staff has years of experience with existing "big banks" information security standards and protocols. This knowledge allows us to implement state of the art embedded security mechanisms including the most sophisticated data encryption methods to ensure the highest level of security for your data. We are also seasoned in converting enormous amounts of data into new software table structures to eliminate downtime for you.

With knowledge, experience, and education including broad ranges of programming and web development languages you can be completely confident that we will analyze your needs and suggest the most cost effective solution for them. From small desktop applications to extremely large and complex applications requiring numerous applications interfaces or websites interacting with your data server or data center we are proven experts in this field.

Software "Off the Shelf" is one size fits all, when most business needs are much different than others, even if they are in the same field. Rather than adapting business practices to the available overpriced products in the market it's a much wiser business decision to explore what Affordable Software can do for you.

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May 4, 2013